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Meet the Team

Donald G. Wood


Don Wood founded DGW Business Forms and Systems, Inc. in 1988, after spending 14 years as a regional salesman for North Carolina based forms companies. With this background Mr. Wood was able to use his experience to retain his old clients and move into new markets.

Don received his undergraduate degree from Elon University in Elon College, N.C. Locally, he is an active member in the Wilmington Rotary Club and the Port City Playwright's Organization.

Megan Stewart


Megan became a full-time member of the DGW team in March 2004. Prior to joining DGW, she worked with several Wilmington-based business, aiding in their Communications departments. Additionally, she also freelanced her communications services out to several regional companies on a part-time basis. With extensive experience in Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Photography and Public Relations/Marketing, Megan is an integral part of the on-going evolution of DGW Business Forms and Systems, Inc.

Megan received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. When she not working she enjoys travelling and spending time with her two rescue dogs, Gracie and Sherlock.

Gracie W. Stewart

Director of Security

Gracie joined the DGW team in Februrary 2008. Prior to coming aboard as a full-time member of our team, she was stationed in Oak Island, NC with a now defunct rescue group called Tails U Win.

Gracie's primary responsibilty in the DGW office is ensuring that security is never breached. She maintains a strict policy of barking when a high level "threat" is detected.

In her free time, Gracie enjoys eating puppy cone ice cream treats, hanging out on the sofa and barking at the delivery drivers.

Sherlock Stewart

Assistant to the security director

Sherlock joined the DGW team as a part time employee in 2013. He soon proved so vaulable a team member that he was moved to full time in 2014. His primary duties include supervising day to day operations and promoting office morale.

In his free time, Sherlock enjoys eating any potato product available (fries, chips, etc) and napping on his heating pad.